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Why wait for a better world
when you can drink towards a better one?

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Misadventure Vodka represents the future of the Alcohol Industry. This is the first time you can make the world better while simply having a drink. It is the first carbon negative vodka in the world, and is made from excess baked goods. Since 2017 if any of the bakery products in your grocery store bakery aisle do not sell, Misadventure makes this award winning vodka from those so they do not go to waste. Misadventure & Co jokes that Saving the World is Worth a Shot, and Misadventure Vodka is the Spirit of Sustainability. Misadventure Vodka's most recent gold medal came in 2020 from the American Distilling Institute. It is rated 94 points by the Ultimate Beverage Challenge. ABV: 40.0%


"Goodbye 2020!"
Holiday Gift Pack

LIMITED RELEASE — The “Goodbye 2020” Gift Pack lets you and your friends say goodbye to the year that seemed like it was, and sometimes literally was, on fire. What embodies society’s experiences from this year better than: A bottle of vodka to share with five of your friends (6ft apart) And a bottle of hand sanitizer for each of them to keep them safe. This is the perfect gift during the 2020 Holiday Season. It is great for anyone you care about who... Is environmentally minded, drinks alcohol, like... even a little bit, laughs in the face of chaos, or endured any of the other backhanded gifts 2020 brought us all. Congratulations though. If you are reading this you have almost made it. Kiss 2020 goodbye. This gift pack represents everything a small team of seven people in California did during the last nine months. Enjoy! 2020 cannot keep us down! ABV: 40.0%


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